Thursday, July 8, 2010

Isolated embraces

Last night I went out. It was just a small gathering and everything was cosy and just the way I like it. It was sad, because it still felt like something was missing, and I felt worse after realising that things couldn't be more perfect. The problem clearly lies with me. To feel so isolated despite being surrounded by people who care about you is the worst loneliness... Someone please stop me now before I suffocate in self pity.
Oh please. I'm discovering myself, and in the meantime it means I don't feel so sad. I'm still figuring out what I feel; maybe I don't. And truth be told, I don't know what's worse. So darling, if you don't mind I'll keep holding you tighter, I'll kiss you deeper in the hope that I'll feel something.

(I know I said I didn't have more work to put up, but I lied. I should have said that I don't have any more good work to put up. This is still mine. I don't like it very much)

Dear Mr. Drunk-man on the train:
I know I'm probably the first person to say this to you, or even to think it; but I respect you. Or at least I understand you. I can see myself in your shoes. And your thoughts on life? Yes, life is a struggle. God only knows what you've been through. You've probably already drunk your memories away. And yes, in a way the human struggle can be compared to crucifixion. The ultimate sacrifice.

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