Tuesday, July 6, 2010

To acquaintances and the human journey

I've said this before but I know I'm still very much an unknown. Most of my life I've been okay with that, but recently I've been feeling more out of the loop than usual. That's why after I've finished this post I'm going to look around the blogosphere for people I actually know and see what they're up to. Reading about other people's lives reminds me that we're really not that different. They'll be parts of our life journeys that we'll walk together, or even parallel with each other and it's sad to think that we may never cross paths again. (If you're uncomfortable with me following you, let me know and I'll stop)

Think about how many people have touched your heart in some way. How many times has someone's actions meant more to you than they'll ever know? Yet we feel strange telling them, like opening up to our need to connect as human beings is embarrassing. There are so many of you I respect so much. Even if you may not have personally impacted on me, it's a shame you'll never know. If you're reading this and think that maybe I might be referring to you, you're probably right. Not because I'm writing this for a specific person in mind, but because I'm writing this for every single person I have ever had a conversation with or even been lucky enough to be acquainted with. I have never met or even heard of a person I didn't sympathise or empathise with.

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