Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dance of the Lonely

Formal was great. Everything was so beautiful and the food was quite good (although, by dessert I had eaten so much I felt horrible). In the end we didn't end up winning cutest couple, but that's alright. The girl from the other couple came all the way from Canberra to be with her boy. At least I know that we would have won had I come from interstate.
The most surprising part of our night was when Katy Perry turned up during Single Ladies (the boys were doing it perfectly). It was so bizarre and random and everyone was crowded around her trying to take pictures and all. That was strange.
It's a shame they only really played 2 slow dance songs at the very end. I really was looking forward to a slow dance with you.

I wish you had stayed the extra 3 minutes your dad had offered. When you left they played a slow song and I was surrounded by so much love, yet excluded from it all. As I sat by myself almost crying I took comfort in the sympathies of those who recognised the lonely. I got through the night silently falling in love with faceless embraces.

After formal a group of us went to a cocktail bar for a while. I was nearly falling asleep by that stage and wondering why I didn't just go home. While we were waiting for our taxi the following exchange took place:
Drunk girl 1: Hey, Red Suit! Looking good! 100%!
Drunk girl 2: Yeah! Wanna have sex?
Subtlety is lost sometime after happy hour

In the taxi I was silently missing you, wishing for the loneliness to go away.
The burning sensation from the vodka and coke warmed me up right where I needed it.

Thank you for lending me yourselves when I needed you to. Thanks for being there for me.
Thanks for the dance.

(He missed you, you know. When you left and he hadn't gotten a chance to speak to you all night.)

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