Wednesday, August 11, 2010

from the Cobwebs of my mind

Oh, M.
You're adorable. Even though you're a lot older than most of us, we feel a responsibility over you. You're actually the sweetest person I know and we were all hurting with you when you were hurting. Maybe you're unaware of the effect you have on others' lives, but you can light up a whole room with your smile. You're amazing to be around

You took me aside and asked the question, "Are you okay?". Your genuine concern brought a smile to my insides. You breeze through life, but have the capacity to be the crying shoulder.

In case you were wondering, this is about you. (Because we know how you are at understanding metaphors.) This is not about the letter M. I can only hope you'll understand this dedication. Sorry it's late.


  1. this is beautiful
    and it's not because it's about me
    or at least, i think it's me....
    there's alot of people whose name starts with M
    point being,
    this post is beautiful because you are awesome :)

    as corny as this may sound,
    it is true :)

  2. Yes, there are many alots with names starting with M
    (sorry if you didn't get that. It makes sense to me).
    But you really are amazing :)
    (well done for picking up on it! :D)

    damn random fobness !!